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August 7th, 2018 § 0 comments

The family is together. Daughter Lesley R. and husband Massimo have arrived with their beautiful and brilliant daughters, Arianna and Sofia. Plus their enchanting dog, Pip (Toby, The Wonder Dog’s special friend). They joined with HG/BSK, SJ, Exquisite Maiko, Handsome Haru and Adorable Teru in fun, sun, swimming and feasting. Weather is hot and sunny. The ocean water is warm. Long swims for everyone. The R. family brought an abundance of Italian treats. HG is crazed with culinary anticipation. In a world where families have a tendency to disintegrate or harbor various angers, HG/BSK are very lucky. Yes, love reigns but there’s much lighthearted activity. Massive amounts of laughter. And, the pleasures of the table are not neglected. BSK made a robust seafood stew (mussels, clams, cod, bacon, potatoes, clam broth, onions, garlic and lots of herbs) last night. SJ created a special rouille: Roasted yellow pepper, garlic, mayonnaise, lemon juice and some stale bread was whirled in the blender. Flavored with white pepper, paprika and Aleppo pepper. Outstanding. HG’s daughter, Victoria, and husband, Marc Meyer, will arrive in a few days. Vicki and chef Marc own and run four splendid New York restaurants (Cookshop, Vic’s, Rosie’s, Shuka) so the cuisine will get a professional lift. One year, Marc made the ultimate brandade. Let’s face it, when the HG/BSK clan is together, Prince Edward Island becomes the world’s culinary capital.

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