Buddhist Monks of Prince Edward Island

August 9th, 2018 § 0 comments

Yesterday, there was an open house at the Buddhist monastery in the Prince Edward Island town of Heatherdale and HG/BSK were among the scores of visitors. Part of the Great Enlightenment Buddhist Institute Society, the monastery was founded ten years ago and now houses some 200 monks (there’s another monastery in Little Sands). There are expansion plans at Heatherdale, plus an ambitious project for another monastery in Brudenell on land recently purchased by the Society (eventually the site will house as many as 1,400 Buddhist nuns and will contain walking and tourism facilities open to the public). When HG/BSK arrived at the Heatherdale monastery, HG/BSK were handed a form on which to write a wish plus a stick of incense. A monk lit the incense as a method of helping the wish come true. HG/BSK toured the grounds (beautifully tended vegetable gardens), the temple and study hall. Simple, austere, deeply satisfying architecture. Clean lines. Minimal decoration. Mies van der Rohe’s dictum of “less is more” is observed. A Buddhist spokesperson (the Buddhist religion was founded more than 2,500 years ago) told HG/BSK (and other visitors) about the daily routine of the monks which includes work, prayer, study and meditation. The aim, he said, was not only to achieve happiness for oneself but bring happiness to all “sentient” (capable of feeling) life. Prince Edward Island was chosen by GEBIS because of its “calm and serenity.” PEI, which values diversity, has welcomed the monks (who have shaven heads and wear distinctive light brown robes). And the monks have reciprocated this welcome by aiding persons in need; supplying hospitals, schools and food banks with the excellent bread they bake and lending a hand at community projects. The monks project quiet joy and HG/BSK treasured their company during the visit (as well as the fine cookies and iced tea that were part of their hospitality).

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