Ocean Mist Farm

July 30th, 2018 § 1 comment

Always love to dine with BSK’s sister, Noel, and her husband Yossi, at their Ocean Mist Farm on south Prince Edward Island (near Panmure Island). The pleasure starts when HG/BSK arrive and are overwhelmed by the beauty of their verdant paradise. Every conceivable fruit and berry (yes, there’s even a type of Kiwi) grows in abundance. Agriculturist Yossi (trained on an Israeli kibbutz) cultivates a variety of vegetables and herbs. Among them are tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, lettuces, peppers, beans, radishes, etc. The stars of his farm are tiny, mineral flavored potatoes, the best spuds ever. Noel and Yossi also raise pigs and lambs. And, there’s a horse, of course (the couple are noted equestrians). Last night, HG/BSK were greeted by Sophie, the friendly family dog (aging, alas). Dinner started with zaatar-dusted pita and two cheeses: A local sage cheddar and BSK’s fiery Holy Chipotle (goat cheese blended with Mexican chipotle sauce). HG sipped his usual vodka on the rocks. BSK and Yossi had modest glasses of white wine. No alcohol for Noel. The meal (except for a dessert of tapioca pudding) was all sourced from the farm (self sustaining, indeed). Barbecued pork chops, Yossi’s potatoes drenched in butter and dusted with chopped parsley. Lettuce salad. The pork chops were a bit tough (though there were juicy bits around the bone). Culinary experts HG/BSK suggested that pork chops be brined in water, salt and garlic. Then dusted with Goya Adobo seasoning. Cooked very quickly (if the chops are thin) in a super heated cast iron pan.. The chops will be pink and juicy. Barbecue doesn’t work so well for thin chops. HG achieved dinner table solace by eating a ton of the magical spuds and drinking chilled rose wine. Managed three helpings of tapioca. Another joyous night.

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  • Yossi Martonovich says:

    Very nice piece, Gerald. Always great having you here with us !!! Thanks for the advice and teaching on cooking pork chops.

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