Delightful Discovery: Sadat’s Cuisine

July 2nd, 2018 § 0 comments

Errands brought HG/BSK into Charlottetown on a sunny, brisk day. The capital city is becoming a foodie destination due to Prince Edward Island’s surprisingly diverse population (PEI has given a warm welcome to a large number of Syrian refugees, shaming the so-called Christian country to the south). On the downtown streets there are Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Lebanese restaurants. Also an Asian grill and a traditional English fish-and-chips joint. Naturally, there are lots of eateries dispensing mussels, lobsters, scallops and other local PEI treats. HG/BSK lunched at Sadat’s Cuisine, an Afghan/Middle Eastern restaurant serving halal kebabs and many vegetarian dishes. HG/BSK had splendid steamed ground lamb dumplings in a yogurt and pea sauce. Also, sauteed eggplant slices and a robust platter of delectable stewed spinach with outstanding rice mixed with raisins and carrot slivers. Home made pita, tstaziki, hot sauce. Pot of steaming green tea. Smiling, gentle service. Modest prices. HG/BSK will be back.

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