Mussel Feasting in PEI

June 9th, 2018 § 0 comments

Potatoes (that’s why they call PEI “Spud Isle”); oysters, tuna, lobsters, scallops and, of course, mussels. Prince Edward Island has all of these wonderful tastes from the red soil earth, the bays and inlets and the surrounding sea. HG/BSK utilize the products for dining pleasure. But, no tuna, alas. HG/BSK watched tuna being unloaded from fishing boats at the docks in the port of Naufrage. These fish are immediately purchased by Japanese, flown to the Tokyo fish market and provide delight to knowing sushi and sashimi consumers. PEI mussels are the best and are identified as such by New York restaurants, Whole Foods fish counters, etc. HG picked up some pounds ($1.30 a pound US) at PEI Mussel Kings on Red Head Road in the town of Morell. BSK steamed them in fish stock and white wine. Chopped onions, garlic and fennel were softened in sizzling olive oil and added to the pot. Further enhancements were a few sprigs of Italian saffron and chile pepper flakes. This topped linguine pasta. Ciabatta rolls for dunking in the intense broth. The mussels were big, plump, juicy. Plucked from nearby St. Peters Bay, the mussels provided a lush welcome home to PEI for HG/BSK.

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