Lobster Feasting

June 25th, 2018 § 1 comment

Among the many wonderful things about Prince Edward Island is the fact that you can buy wondrous seafood at laughably modest prices (given the favorable ratio between the dollar and the loony). This was evidenced by the super lobster feast at the home of Noel , BSK’s sister, and her husband, Yossi. At dinner Chez Martonovich last night,HG/BSK sat down at a table centered on a platter of six steamed lobsters. (sadly, BSK is allergic to crustaceans but had the pleasure of PEI sauteed scallops). There were tiny, flavorful buttered PEI potatoes on the table plus plentiful wine and local beer. Yossi said he bicycled to a nearby harbor and bought the lobsters from an incoming boat. Very modest cost, he said. In any case, HG had an exuberant feast. There is a real difference between a fresh-off-the-boat lobster and those that have been dwelling in a tank for long periods; the flesh is sweeter, more tender and less prone to become rubbery. Much to HG’s delight, there were a number of female lobsters providing plentiful roe. Thoughtful Noel provided a big bowl of melted butter for dipping. She topped off the the festivities with a dessert of tapioca pudding and vanilla ice cream. Are you turning green with envy?

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