“Covers Prince Edward Island Like The Dew”

June 27th, 2018 § 0 comments

That’s the claim of The Guardian, Prince Edward Island’s much loved daily newspaper. HG/BSK’s breakfast is incomplete without a reading of The Guardian. The front page is always arresting. This one expresses joy and preparedness for Oct. 17, the happy day when cannabis becomes legal in Canada. And, there’s an unusual tale of a guy who got a two year jail sentence for stealing more than 100 pairs of underwear from PEI women. The undies were kept in re-sealable plastic bags labelled with the women’s names. A stimulating story (that is, if you find lady’s knickers, scanties, thongs, a matter of more than cursory interest). There’s little local stuff The Guardian doesn’t cover: Meetings. Legislative matters. The environment. Seas. Tides. The lobster and oyster fisheries. Weddings. Births. Obits. Sadly, the paper no longer has a restaurant reviewer. The last one, a man who dined with his wife, had a sunny disposition. Never tasted anything that he and spouse didn’t like. His prose became lyrical when he described a tunafish sandwich on whole wheat toast.

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