Chilly Toby

June 29th, 2018 § 0 comments

Yes, HG is obsessive about Toby The Wonder Dog. Fearful when Toby is missing for a more than ordinary length of time. (Coyotes, raccoons, bobcats, rattlers and other predators?). Very concerned when Toby shows signs of an upset tummy. Yes, HG has become a doting, over-protective parent once again. For most of the year HG’s handsome little companion has a dense, curly coat which makes him resemble a little lamb. Keeps him warm and snug when weather becomes inclement. However, grooming is necessary when coat becomes tangled and filled with objectionable smelly bits picked up in his wanderings. Now that we are in the summer solstice, shearing has become necessary. So, BSK made an appointment with a very good, young groomer on the south side of Prince Edward Island. Toby anticipated his fate (smart dog) and didn’t like it. So, the winter coat came off and what emerged was an unhappy, skinny, vulnerable pup. Tough time for Toby. The weather turned wintry. Cold, incessant driving rain, strong winds. With no coat to protect him, the little guy had a serious case of the shivers. Thoughtful BSK wrapped Toby in towels after his necessary trips outside to do his necessities. BSK assured Toby that sunny, warm (even hot) beach days were in his future and he would be happy not to be steaming in his fur coat.

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