Chez Martonovich

June 11th, 2018 § 0 comments

Wonderful, happy welcome home meal at the verdant farm of Noel (BSK’s sister) and her husband, Yossi M. This is truly a Garden of Eden on PEI’s southeast coast (close to Panmure Island). Fruit trees, berries in abundance, vegetables (agriculturist Yossi has turned his Israeli kibbutz experience to good use). There are also happy pigs, sheep, goats and one horse (HG predicts the horse won’t be lonely for too long). At dinner was another Israeli, Amram T. He is an M. neighbor who cultivates an organic farm. Amram has had a colorful life. Among other things, he was a successful farmer in Turkey. An odd, but fortuitous coincidence, that two former kibuttznicks should wind up as agriculutural neighbors in far away Prince Edward Island. At dinner, the conversation was spirited (Amram has a delightful intensity). The food: lobster salad followed by barbecued lamb (from the Y & M farm), wild asparagus (also from the farm), PEI potatoes, green salad. And, for dessert, an HG/BSK favorite: Tapioca Pudding, a dish that captured a joy of childhood. So fortunate that we are all together in Canada, a democracy headed by a spirited guy who won’t be pushed around by Der Trumperer.

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