Comice Pears

January 28th, 2018 § 2 comments

There is no better dessert than a ripe Comice pear paired with parmesan, roquefort or gorgonzola cheese and paired with a glass of fruity red wine. There is a cynical Italian saying: “Don’t tell the peasants about pears and parmesan.” BSK is expert at picking out the best Comice specimens at Whole Foods and bringing them home to reach peak ripeness. BSK learned about Comice delights when HG/BSK lived on New York’s upper west side more than a half century ago. HG/BSK were steady customers at a Mom-and-Pop fruit stand on 80th Street and Broadway. When shopping there one day, the Mom of the store rummaged around the pears and found a ripe Comice. “You don’t know about Comice pears, young lady. Take this home. Wash it. Eat it. You will have pleasure.” BSK followed the Mom’s instructions. Voila!! Comice rules the fruit world.


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  • Wow! Did this little comice pear essay spark my own memories. Decades ago, I was invited to Marcella & Victor Hazan’s East Side apt for dinner. What to bring?For some reason, I settled on comice, even though they aren’t especially attractive fruits when ripe. They’re always a little bruised and dull in color. But then you slice into one, and the juice is suddenly all over your hands and tongue! A few days after that dinner, Victor called to rave about those pears. No elegance in offering that bag of pears to my hosts. But deliciousness triumphs uber alles!

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