Latkes: SJ vs Lesley R.

December 30th, 2017 § 0 comments

Potato latkes are one of the world’s wonder foods. These lush potato pancakes are splendid with pot roast or beef stew. As they are cooked in plentiful oil, latkes are associated with the Jewish holiday of Chanukah. HG is not a celebrant of the holiday. Believes it has become important due to its proximity to Christmas. (“And, for our Jewish friends, Happy Chanukah!!”). Nevertheless, it is a good excuse to eat an abundance of tasty latkes. On HG/BSK’s last night in Rhody, Brilliant Daughter Lesley R., made a big batch of latkes and served them with sour cream and the last of Zabar’s red salmon caviar. Happy. Happy. In year’s past, SJ made the latkes. With the esteemed latke chef in Tokyo, Lesley R. had the burden. Lesley’s version resembled Swiss Rosti. Thin, very crisp pancakes. Lovely balance with the accompaniments (and HG’s vodka, of course). SJ’s version combined crisp exteriors with moist potato/onion interiors. Which were better? Both were sublime and transported the humble spud to higher realms.

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