Thanks, EM

September 28th, 2017 § 0 comments

HG adores EM, HG’s exquisite, talented, generous daughter-in-law. A dazzling cook. Wonderful wife and mother. Diminutive, but with a strength that startles. Also, she gives new meaning to the word “cuteness” (like her daughter, Teru). HG thought about EM tonight as HG sipped a superb chilled sake left as a gift by EM in the Prince Edward Island refrigerator. Dinner tonight was steamed (and then fried) Poong dumplings followed by congee enhanced by mushrooms and left over basmati rice. Congee got a dash of sesame oil and chile oil. Dumplings got a splash of Frank’s Hot Sweet Chile Sauce. HG drank most of the sake. Left some over for tomorrow night. Discretion ruled. After all, the sake was preceded by some generous pours of vodka.


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