Savory Melted Cheese

September 17th, 2017 § 0 comments

A wee drop of autumn cool in the Prince Edward Island breeze. To some this can foretell colorful leaf excursions, tweed jackets, football games, the dreaded pumpkin spice, etc. What does greedy HG ponder this season? Hot melted cheese extravaganzas. Mundane (but tasty) toasted cheddar cheese sandwiches, French croque monsieur sandwiches (Sandwiches of white bread doused with beaten egg and sautéed in butter enhancing the stuffing of ham and swiss cheese. Plus, a gilding of maple syrup). Greek sautéed cheese flamed with brandy, Melted brie topped with strawberry jam. Camembert baked atop shallots and sliced apples. Gratins of potatoes, onions, garlic and a heap of gruyere. Baked ziti covered with a pound of mozzarella (or just melted mozzarella on garlic rubbed country bread toast and topped with fruity olive oil and sea salt.) .Fondue? Boring.


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