Left Over Corn

September 6th, 2017 § 0 comments

When it comes to seasonal sweet corn, HG’s eyes (cliche) are bigger than HG’s ample stomach. So, what to do with the excellent left over corn on the cob? BSK cuts off the kernels and adds them, with tasty results, to BSK’s robust fish stews. HG adds the kernels to organic batter and makes corn pancakes. A treat when doused with plenty of Canadian maple syrup. Lazy HG had a breakfast of corn and grits this morning. Instead of excellent Geechie Boy grits (introduced to HG by SJ, Geechie requires much slow stirring), HG used Quaker Instant Grits. Grits lovers will cry: “Shame”. But, when stirred with a scoop of cream cheese and some butter (trick learned from Lesley R.), they are savory when mixed with left over corn kernels. HG dusts them with ample sea salt and smoked pepper. Corn relish is an excellent condiment. But, BSK doesn’t make it since the local Prince Edward Island product is so good. BSK focuses on making jars of (better than New York) dill pickles.

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