Teru Feast

July 23rd, 2017 § 0 comments

Teru, HG/BSK’s five-year-old granddaughter, is a tiny bundle of cuteness, precocity (she has taught herself to read some kiddy books) and unusual eating habits. Teru likes to graze on food throughout the day — apples, strawberries, bananas, wheat crackers, yogurt, eggs, string cheese, etc.. Always in motion, Teru needs constant nourishment in order to keep her diminutive motor running full speed. Dinner is an exception. At that time, Teru can focus on one big dish and consume it all. Her favorite food is steamed Prince Edward Island mussels. She consumes them like a famished Normandy fisherman. Last night, BSK steamed four pounds of mussels in a sofrito of onions, garlic, parsley, clam broth, white wine and a pinch of saffron. BSK also cooked nests of spaghettini with exquisite timing. This very thin pasta shape can easily become a mushy tangle. Not when BSK is at the range. Removed it at the perfect al dente stage and served it from a separate bowl. Didn’t want the pasta to soften more in the hot mussel broth. Teru attacked the mussels with vigor, knocking off more than a pound in record time. HG/BSK and eleven-year-old grandson Haru had to be alert about getting their share. No pasta for Teru. A girl must keep her figure.

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