Garlic Scape Feast

July 12th, 2017 § 0 comments

Lavish supper (As the evening meal is called on Prince Edward Island. Lunch is dinner). Event was a festive goodbye to SJ who had to get back to Brooklyn to attend to business. Table was set for eight: Noel and Yossi. M. (BSK’s sister and brother in law); Dani, Yosi’s Israeli cousin visiting from Milan where he is a Yoga Master; SJ and his delightful kids, Haru and Teru; HG/BSK. Grapefruit juice and Strait View Gin cocktails. Then on to an extraordinary pasta: Caputo’s homemade Cavatelli (brought from Brooklyn by, SJ) with a freshly picked garlic scape pesto. The pasta itself was sublime with the right amount of texture and chew and the pesto was vibrantly pungent, better than the best Genoa style pesto. This was followed by pan-fry master HG (assisted by SJ) sizzling three pounds of Hake filets in well seasoned black cast iron pans. Filets were first dipped in beaten eggs and then rolled in spicy fish fry mix. Two salads. Chopped onions and tomatoes. Mixed greens. Much red wine. HG thought too much food had been prepared. Wrong. Not a speck left. Dessert was strawberries (once more from N. and Y.’s farm) and vanilla ice cream. Icy maple vodka and local marc followed. Nothing tops a big meal at a table lined with family and friends.

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