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Yes, that’s how they pronounce it in New England. However, New England clam chowder with its abundance of cream and potatoes is not favored by HG/BSK. New York clam chowder utilizes tomatoes which cancel out the unique brininess of clams. Rhode Island style is the best “chowda.” Clear (but smokey from chunks of bacon or salt pork) briny broth. Few potatoes. Celery. Onions. White wine, Clam broth. Many, many chopped clams. HG/BSK have consumed bowls of this invigorating soup in Rhode Island and at the Legal Seafoods Restaurant at the Boston airport. Last night, BSK used Sam Sifton’s New York Times recipe to cook a big pot of scintillating “chowda.” HG ate three big bowls. Wanted more but the pot was empty, alas.

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