The Irish

April 6th, 2017 § 2 comments

HG is very fond of (almost) everything Irish. That includes Guinness Stout, Bushmill’s Whiskey, corned beef and cabbage; Irish butter. HG does not fancy Irish lamb stew. HG prefers the French culinary approach to lamb. Sadly, HG has never made it to Ireland so hasn’t had the chance to dine on Irish oysters, salmon, cheeses and authentic Irish soda bread. HG’s mentor in journalism and style was Howard W., an ex-IRA gunman. HG’s favorite protege in the PR business is Irish-American Bruce M. (he has far surpassed his mentor). HG has fond memories of his sturdy comrades in the rough and tumble world of 1940’s Bronx sandlot football–Irish-Americans Binny K., Mike D., Jackie B. and Kevin M. There is music in an Irish brogue. HG often visited Croke Park Stadium in The Bronx to watch exciting Gaelic football and hurling matches with a background of a few thousand brogues cheering for their heroes. HG’s favorite writer is James Joyce. Yeats is HG’s favorite poet. Sean O’ Casey is a favorite playwright. Yes, there have been some very bad Irishmen. Father Coughlin ( “The Radio Priest” ) and Joe McCarthy lead the list. And, Der Trumperer has recruited a cluster of Irish-Americans–Bannon, Spicer, Pence, Mulvaney — to aid him in his neo-Nazi schemes. Meanwhile, across the sea in Ireland, The Land of Saints, Poets and Warriors, an extraordinary liberal renaissance is taking place.


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  • Bruce Maguire says:

    As my culinary “Don” (aka Hungry Gerald) has taught me, some of the finest ethnic cuisine is the result of combining the best of multiple cultures. Son Jeremy and Maiko have probably combined to make more than beautiful HG grand babies.

    My one trip to Ireland 20 odd years ago was memorable for several reasons, not the least of which was a delicious lamb stew in a Dublin pub. That chef knew what HG knows: the french do lamb stew better than the Irish, so he/she borrowed heavily to create a heavenly, creamy Irish stew that would have satiated HG. And I was finally able to find a similar recipe to work from to create an enjoyable homemade French/Irish concoction for pre-St. Paddy’s Day.

    • Gerry says:

      That Franco-Irish dish sounds good. Having a seder tonight in New Mexico. Big break from tradition. No gefilte fish (roasted golden beets with goat cheese instead). No brisket. Barbecued boneless leg of lamb with a gratin of potatoes and cauliflower. Very ecumenical and diverse group. Catholics, Buddhists, Atheists. HG was only Jew. Everyone will link hands in hope that our present Pharaoh will soon be gone.

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