Rainy Day In Montague

July 30th, 2016 § 0 comments

Very wet day on Prince Edward Island. Waves of rain veering from powerful downpour to gentle drizzle. HG/BSK, Handsome Haru and Toby, The Wonder Dog, took off for the nearby town of Montague for needed errands (bank, hardware stores, government services, food shopping at Sobey’s, etc.). Stopped for lunch at The Juice Box. This is a sweet local restaurant that specializes in smoothies, sandwiches, soups and some very generous main dishes. HG/BSK had big bowls of ham, potato and corn chowder. Very comforting after sloshing in the rain. Haru had a deep bowl of mac and cheese (Juice Box uses fusili rather than macaroni. A good idea.). Portions are big at Juice Box (A few weeks ago, HG struggled to finish half a platter of pad thai). Haru did better than that with his mac (fusili) and cheese. Finished three quarters in hearty, growing boy fashion.Toby patiently waited in the auto but was rewarded with a chunk of HG’s blueberry muffin.


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