June 22nd, 2016 § 0 comments

The perfect summer day on Prince Edward Island. Bright blue skies. Warm sun. Calm sea. Pleasant breeze on the wide beach in front of HG/BSK’s oceanfront home. The breeze was welcome since it chases away God’s tiniest little winged creatures who use BSK as a feeding station. HG walked along the shore and gleaned six pieces of beach glass for the family’s ever expanding collection (Beach glass found on Fire Island, Nantucket, Vancouver and Rhode Island). BSK filled a basket with dried seaweed (To be used in pot firing). Toby, The Wonder Dog, leaped in and out of the gentle waves. Suddenly, Toby heard a sound and took off to the top of a shrub covered bluff. Many minutes of loud barking. Like an anxious father with a rambunctious, wandering son, HG became concerned. Had Toby encountered a coyote, a raccoon or a group of foxes (All PEI residents) ? Not to worry. Toby soon appeared and resumed his frolics in the sea. Sunset tonight was something out of a MGM Technicolor extravaganza. HG thought the mangy old MGM lion would appear. There was further drama. A “Strawberry Moon” appeared, a rare and colorful sight. HG/BSK supped on a cooling and healthy starter: Silken Tofu Snack from the Lucky Peach cookbook. This consists of slices of chilled tofu layered with slices of avocado. Dressed with olive oil, soy sauce and lime juice. Dusted with Furikake, the Japanese spice mix and a bit of Sriracha. This was followed by sole steamed on a bed of spinach with garlic, ginger and soy sauce. (BSK is masterly with this dish and HG could eat it every summer night). HG finished the wonderful day with a snifter of Bagaco, the sublime marc produced on PEI by Matos Winery and Distillery. Apologies from HG who has been misspelling this spirit in previous posts. It is Bagaco.


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