Canada And Its Smallest Province

June 30th, 2016 § 0 comments

What a pleasant feeling to be in a country where Justin Trudeau is Premier rather than the United States where loathsome Donald Trump is a candidate for the Presidency. Trudeau is everything that Trump is not. He is forthrightly empowering women in government. He is warmly accepting Syrian refugees and other victims of violence. He has pushed forward a number of humane causes including assisted suicide for the terminally ill. Most of all, he revels in Canada’s diversity. HG/BSK summer on Prince Edward Island, Canada’s smallest province (Population: 146,283). The Provincial government welcomes newcomers from all over the world. Its official statement : “Prince Edward Island welcomes immigrants. Indeed, the characterization of our society as multi-cultural, particularly over the last 50 years, reflects our generally successful pursuit of diversity, tolerance and generosity.” Not just words. The little Island welcomed 250 Syrian refugees this year and they are quickly integrating themselves into the various communities. In the town of Little Sands (In the southeast neighborhood), between 200 to 400 Buddhist monks live in a monastery: The Great Enlightenment Institute Society. The monks bake some 2,000 rolls a week and distribute them to local charities and schools. Rightfully, PEI folks are very fond of the monks. When the monastery had an open house a few weeks ago, almost 3,000 people showed up. Amish are now settling on the Island. Priced out of much land in Ontario, Amish families are acquiring farmland on the Island. They have been welcomed. Since the Amish rely on horse and buggies and wagons for transportation, businesses have installed hitching posts and there are signs telling motorists of horse and buggies on the road. HG is looking forward to shoofly pie, tasty cheeses and the other good things these peace loving, industrious people provide.


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