Le Bocal

November 27th, 2015 § 0 comments

Simply put: Le Bocal in Reims (close to the central market), is a great discovery. It is the best seafood restaurant HG has ever encountered. Small (It can seat 20-22 diners), comfortable, brightly decorated with amusing posters. Service is provided by a smiling, deft young man. There’s a fish store in front. Restaurant is in back.This is what HG ate. Nine oysters (3 Gillardeau #2; 3 Boudeuses; 3 Fines # 3). Best oysters in HG’s extensive oyster tasting experience. Briny. Chilled. Perfectly shucked. Served with good black bread and a composed butter. This was followed by a tartare of albacore tuna. Visually, the herb infused tartare on a base of fragrant olive oil was a work of art. The fresh taste was sublime. This was followed by a brandade of haddock and a colorful green salad. The brandade was lushly creamy but maintained the texture of the salt fish and potatoes. The ultimate brandade. Finale was a board of local cheese. Reflecting the generosity of Le Bocal, the board was left on the table in order to consume as much as one wished. Wines were Muscadet with the oysters and tartare; Cote du Rhone with the brandade and cheese. Others at the HG/BSK family table of six had oyster varieties, cod tartare and grilled sardines with seaweed salads. Enthusiastic approval. Le Bocal is a unique and gratifying experience. It should not be missed in any tour of France’s champagne region.


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