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Pernod, the French anise based distilled spirit, is symbolic of summer for HG. Emulating the sun bronzed habitu├ęs of the Marseilles waterfront, HG likes to celebrate the glorious few hours before dinner (or supper, as the evening meal is called on Prince Edward Island) watching the sun go down with a soothing but stimulating glass of a Pernod beverage in hand. Simplest way to enjoy Pernod is on the rocks with water. The green spirit changes color in a happy way. HG sometimes gets sightly more elaborate by adding a dash of sugar syrup and Angostura Bitters to the drink. This is a more sober approach to supper than HG’s usual vodka on the rocks. HG often adds a small spoonful of Pernod to fish stews. Brings a touch of Provencal flavor. When added to olive oil, vinegar and fennel seeds, Pernod makes a pleasing marinade for salmon and other broiled fish.



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