Der Food Fuhrer Abdicates

July 29th, 2015 § 2 comments

Yes, HG is a food Nazi. Overbearing, Obstreperous, Nasty. Tonight, HG wanted papardelle with mushrooms for dinner (truth is, HG always wants pasta). Famiglia HG objected. SJ’s escarole soup with sausage and white beans was proposed. Since escarole isn’t available on Prince Edward Island (Rarely found in New Mexico, its home territory is New York and Brooklyn) SJ suggested kale as a substitute. HG, a classicist, objected. Kale, said HG is a trendy green favored by Manhattan fashionistas and Brooklyn hipsters. How can it replace earthy, Italian escarole? Many heated words. HG lost on all fronts. No pasta. BSK grilled oysters as a first course. Followed by SJ’s soup. Kale, onions, carrots, Pureed white beans. Whole beans. Lots of garlicky kielbasa. Powerful, heartening soup and the kale was splendid. This was followed by Lesley’s R.’s fishcakes constructed of hake, onions, potatoes, Goya Adobo and other spices. Masterful fishcakes. Lots of Prince Edward Island mustard pickles and a salad of heirloom tomatoes. HG did some powerful introspection as HG digested this wonderful meal and contemplated the skills and balanced attitudes of HG’s family members. Dictatorships, happily, do not last. It is time for HG to allow family food democracy to rule.


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