Chicken Livers

November 13th, 2013 § 0 comments

Lots of folks don’t share HG’s love of chicken livers. HG credits this to the general American dislike of innards and the fact that the Health Police has condemned the high cholesterol content of these tasty morsels. HG is defiant and continues to devour chicken livers. Very good chicken livers are easily purchased in the United States and are modestly priced. They are versatile — can be sauteed with onions and mushrooms (a bit of garlic and white wine) and served over rice pilaf or pasta. Good with softly scrambled eggs. Nice on a slice of well buttered toast. Last night HG/BSK made a salad which is served in many working class Paris bistros. HG gave some chicken livers a quick bath in milk. Rolled them in seasoned flour. BSK fried some thick cut unsmoked bacon. HG fried the chicken livers (until just pink inside) in some of the remaining bacon fat. BSK made a mustardy vinaigrette. Mixed a variety of lettuces with the vinaigrette and crumbled bacon. The big bowls of greens and bacon were topped with the chicken livers. Good, hearty eating.


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