Prince Edward Island Homecoming

June 24th, 2013 § 1 comment

The skies are blue. The breezes are soft and salty. The sea stretches into infinity before HG’s eyes. Red earth and brilliant green fields. A driveway lined with beautiful pink, lavender and purple lupens (BSK’s assiduous seeding has paid off). Yes, HG/BSK are on lyrical Prince Edward Island, The Gentle Island. Time to eat lots of sea food. Local fish merchant is selling oysters ($1.10 each), Atlantic cod ($6.75 a lb.), Nova Scotia scallops ($13.00 a lb.) and many other nicely priced sea creatures. First Island dinner was pan fried sole ($6.00 a pound). Thick, firm filets. HG dunked them in beaten egg, rolled them in seasoned Canadian fish fry mixture and sizzled them in canola oil. BSK prepared a bowl of orzo with onions, mushrooms and garlic. Salad of butter lettuce. Meal ended with local goat cheese and local blueberry honey. A stew of cod and mussels is in the offing. Next week, allergic-to-crustaceans BSK, will watch with jealous eyes as HG polishes off $6.00 a pound lobster caught in front of the HG/BSK home


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