Hats and Girdles

March 6th, 2013 § 3 comments

When HG was growing up, men wore hats. Fedoras for the most part and Homburgs for the rich old guys. There was a switch to Panamas (real and faux) during the summer. Some dudes wore straw hats (known as skimmers or katies.) Among kids there was a New York City legend that you could knock, with impunity, a straw hat right off a man’s head if it was worn after Labor Day. (HG Never saw it happen). And, women wore girdles, thus creating the anatomic oddity — uni-buttocks. Only very racy damsels jettisoned girdles for garter belts. (This was HG’s experience. Admittedly, a quite limited experience but not for want of effort.)

It seems men’s hats are making a modest comeback. SJ, always in style, has been seen sporting an attractive fedora. Girdles, fortunately, are at one with the corset and the buggy whip. Gone forever. Cocktails seemed to be disappearing a few years ago in favor of wimpy glasses of white wine or even wimpier glasses of mineral water. Now, hip diners all over the country are demanding creative pre-dinner libations. And, they seem to be willing to pay the price. Are women still cocktail addicts? They were in HG’s young manhood (there were even cocktail dresses designed specifically for the Happy Hour). Many times HG happily observed suburban ladies in Sardi’s knocking off two (or even three) Manhattans or Martinis during a pre-theater matinee lunch. And, they could meet the challenge of alcohol. Lots of smiles. Lots of laughs. But, definitely not blotto. Which was more than HG could say about the Martini swigging macho guys falling off stools at Sardi’s bar.

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  • David Henley says:

    This was a laugh aloud (pre-text terminology) post. I remember my dad had a collection of hats matching his suits. Hat hair not a problem given the wide use of Wildroot and Vitalis. On a unibutt note, all the girls in my high school wore girdles, not just reducing jiggle but erecting an imposing barrier when needed. Topside jiggle was permitted by some. The town was dry- a 3 martini lunch possible only at the country club or at home.

    Still anticipating meeting you in SFe, hopefully to include Victoria and Sara. Salad!

  • David Henley says:

    That’s salud. No smart phones in high school, either.

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