Smokeless Steak = Household Harmony

February 16th, 2013 § 3 comments

About once a month (okay, twice a month) HG likes a big, rare rib steak for dinner. Tuscasn style (like you get it in a good Florence trattoria). Blood rare. Good olive oil poured on at serving. Accompanied by Capellini beans that have had a nice hit of sauteed garlic. (Must discourage Dracula). This gets a frown from BSK. She doesn’t object to the cholesterol or calories. She objects to the inevitable smoky kitchen. That’s because HG sears the steak on a bed of kosher salt in a white-hot big, black cast iron pan. Only way to cook a steak, insists adamant HG. Now, there seems to be a cooking compromise that will please BSK. Melissa Clark, in the NY Times. suggests doing steak this way: Heat a cast iron pan until very hot. Turn on the broiler in the oven. Put the steak on pan and, with care and using pot holders, put the pan and steak under the broiler. Melissa suggests broiling a thick steak for about seven minutes. Bloody minded HG would cook it for less. Must try this method. Will sacrifice for household peace. Will report on how experiment turns out.


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  • carol payne says:

    did this tonight . 1 1/2′.rib steak lots of salt in iron pan lots of salt on top side of rib steak and lots of pepper. put in very hot pan. right into broiler. 6 minutes. let rest 5 minutes a bit of olive oil on top. cut in half. each ate with wonderful florida beefsteak tomatos and slice of vidalia onion, salt pepper and swish of olive oil. the palm it aint but what the hell. love , carol

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