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Lambrusco is a lightly sparkling wine much identified with the Emilia Romagna region of Italy and the area’s robust cuisine. HG and BSK never drank much of it until son-in-law Profesore/Dottore Massimo R. introduced HG and BSK to it during their recent visit to Bologna. Now they are converts. Lambrusco is a very pleasant warm weather wine. It has a slight sparkle and should be drunk well chilled. Nice as an aperitif and good with spicy food. HG and BSK drink Le Grotte Lambrusco. Available at Trader Joe’s for six bucks a bottle. SJ also recommends the Bianco and Rosse Lambruscos produced by Lini 910 At $15 dollars a bottle they are one of life’s affordable joys.

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  • Bob Judd says:

    Trader Joe’s also has (or had, we don’t have one around these parts) a delicious and refreshing Vinho Verde for a you’re-losing-money-if-you’re-not-drinking $3.99. Vinho Verde’s vary, and while I can’t recall the name of this light and slightly tart one, the price should be a reliable guide. Cheers, Bob

  • Gerry says:

    Ah, Judd is a man who knows. Been guzzling that Vinho Verde like mad. Too bad I don’t have fried sardines (used to get sensational ones at Portuguese restaurants in Vancouver) to accompany this delightful wine. Hey, Big Bob. a visit to New Mexico is overdue.

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