Good Things From Goya

April 22nd, 2012 § 0 comments

Goya is a family owned ethnic foods company whose products are HG essentials. Their tag line is “If it’s Goya it has to be good.” And it is absolutely true. Their Adobo powder is magic. Dust your roast chicken with it before you pop the bird in the oven. It is obligatory on pork chops. Their Sofrito makes any soup or stew sing. A favorite HG quick meal. Cook some rice. Heat a can of Goya black beans. Pour the beans over the rice. Top with chopped raw onions or scaliions. Some Sriracha to taste. South Americans call this dish “moros y cristianos” — Moors and Christians. Slices of orange and ripe avocado are a pleasant accompaniment. A quick dessert is a hunk of Goya guava paste served with some cream cheese (try to find a better cream cheese than that Philadelphia crap). Nice with the last sips of your red wine.


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