Tilapia: The Surprising Fish Brings Family Harmony.

February 10th, 2012 § 2 comments

Tilapia is a farm raised fish, and like farm raised salmon, has been scorned by HG. As HG’s massive public knows, HG is a fancier of batter fried catfish (rolled in flour, dipped in beaten egg and rolled again in panko or cornmeal and first soaked in buttermilk). Well, here’s the problem. BSK doesn’t like catfish. Says it tastes muddy. HG believes BSK’s distaste was caused by eating wild, bottom feeding catfish in her youth. Today’s farm raised catfish (an exception to HG’s quickly disappearing No-Farm-Raised rule) does not taste muddy. Emphatically not. But, BSK won’t change her mind. So, what to do? A number of culinary authorities (including Mark Bittman) have said you can substitute tilapia for catfish when you’re hovering over the big, sizzling cast iron pan. HG bought a pound of tilapia. No buttermilk bath, but followed the usual procedure. The result was sensational, Even BSK had to agree. Crisp crust covering juicy, firm white fish. A treat. BSK cooked up a mess of southern greens. Had a few boiled fingerling potatoes. There was lots of hot sauce and lemons. Once more, family culinary harmony prevails.

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  • peter hellman says:

    My heart sinks as deeply as a lead bowling ball tossed into the Mariana Trench when I read of the degradation of HG’s culinary standards. These talapia, like salmon, do nothing but laze in their pens and await food pellets (probably made from chicken poopoo) to be sprinkled down on them. And now, BSK is being subverted! Oy v’ez mir. Time for a trip to the fish monger for a filet of sockeye or king salmon……

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