Hot Pan. Deft Hands.

September 26th, 2011 § 0 comments

Lucky, lucky HG. The Hungry One loves crepes, omelets, pancakes and all the other goodies that involve eggs, flour, a hot pan and deft hands. HG is fortunate in relishing these good things in his family’s kitchens. SJ makes potato latkes that top the product of any Jewish grandmother or Bavarian sauerbraten specialist. Daughter Lesley is Queen of Crepes. At the family Christmas Eve festivities these are topped with a choice of salmon caviar, smoked salmon, sturgeon or sable. Daughter in law Exquisite Maiko makes lush scallop pancakes and the very thinnest all-egg crepes she slices into salads and wraps into summer rolls. BSK makes the best, classic omelets filled with cheese, peppers and onions, ham, mushrooms or whatever good thing is available. With a baguette, red wine and a tossed green salad. A nice French oriented dinner.

As for HG: Nobody in the family tops his corn pancakes, buckwheat pancakes and a new discovery — The Egg Foo Young pancake. There’s information on these triumphs in previous posts.

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