Lin’s Takeout: Gem Of St. Peter’s Bay

August 18th, 2011 § 2 comments

SJ here! In a previous post, Hungry Gerald lauded the Scallop Burger at Lin’s Takeout as “better than Pastrami.” Well, nothing is really “better” than Pastrami. Different, yes. Enjoyable, yes. But, Better? Hmmm. That said, Lin’s Takeout is simply terrific. The lauded Scallop Burger is a wonderful thing. The view of St. Peter’s Bay is a joy. And…The fish! Yes Lin, who can gently saute a scallop, also turns out to be a wizard with the deep fryer. She produces crisp, not-greasy and not over-breaded pieces of Haddock with stunning, hand cut, PEI sourced French Fries (or chips to these Anglo-Canadians). These fries have character and the real minerally flavor of fresh potatoes (A PEI potato farmer informed SJ that most of the Potatoes we eat in the states are up to a year old!). The fish is perfection — crack that crust with a fork and the briefest whisp of steam escapes revealing perfectly fresh, white, flakey haddock. Splash some malt vinegar on the whole, take a deep breath of that glorious rose-scented air of St. Peter’s Bay and dig into one of the finest Summertime treats.

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  • Howard Schumacher says:

    A real delight to come across her take-out. While cycling the north road to Greenwich Interpretive Centre (which is also a gem), we, my wife and I, saw a buzz of activity up the farm yard road. On our return trip to St. Peters, we stopped in to feast on two wonderfully created lobster burgers. As a westerner, formally from Edmonton, AB., this was a treat for sure. I make it my business to eat as much lobster when out this way, so one can understand my excitement. A definite stop for lunch.

    • Gerry says:

      You made me hungry, Howard.In a few days my wife and I will start our three month stay at our Prince Edward Island oceanfront home. Sea paradise. We’ll be lunching at Lin’s and at Rick’s Fish and Chips (St. Peters). Dinners at home. Fresh fish,clams,mussels,lobster, shrimp from the splendid By the Bay Fish Mart (St. Peters). Supplemented by all the home grown good things from the weekly Farmers Market in Charlottetown. Hope you and your wife find the opportunity to revisit The Green and Gentle Island.

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