Texas Brisket…The Best

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As Robert Burns put it: “The best laid plans of mice and men aft gang agley.” So, forget about HG’s last post about HG/BSK’s high cal road food trip. Different route and had to make some tweaks. Stopped at Tyler’s Barbecue on Fairmont Boulevard off Rt. I-40 In Amarillo, Texas. Ate real deal Texas barbecue brisket. (Jane and Michael Stern, The Road Food folk, and Texas Monthly love this little place). It’s neat, sweet and clean. Folks are super friendly,. And, the brisket. The best. Smoky and melt-in-the-mouth tender. HG/BSK relished their super generous brisket sandwiches (with plenty of those burnt ends that Calvin Trillin loves); a perfect, not too sweet cole slaw; smoky beans; pickles; jalapeƱos and flavorful sauces, both hot and sweet. Drank icy pink lemonade. Thought about our gifted pal, Stephanie Pierson, author of “The Brisket Book” (Buy it immediately and get busy brisketing). Stephanie and her delightful, witty partner, Eric Silver, just spent some days with us in New Mexico, As you can imagine, these were days of fun, frolic and feasting. The generous duo regaled HG/BSK with wonderful wines and The Dessert Queen, neighbor Karen K., brought sublime carrot cake and brownies (from Katherine Hepburn’s recipe) to the feasts. Since Stephanie is the acknowledged world authority on brisket, HG/BSK hopes Tyler’s brisket is in her future. For her to miss it would be like an authority on modern art ignoring Picasso.



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Ah, Texas women. HG is enchanted by their life enhancing exuberance, laughs and smiles; and, of course, those Southwest Conference good looks. Judy G., Texas born-and-bred, a pal for more than 20 years, personifies those Lone Star State attributes. Judy, recently widowed (her late husband, Henry G., was an HG` pal and business associate for more than 40 years), is visiting HG/BSK in New Mexico. Wicked cold (but sunny) in The Land of Enchantment. Nevertheless, bundled up Judy and BSK; Toby, The Wonder Dog and Judy’s delightful dog, Daisy, are going for long walks in the scenic Barrancas (mesas). Dining has emphasized Mew Mexico comfort. At home for BSK’s green chile chicken stew and HG’s guacamole. Lunch at Sopaipilla Factory in nearby Pojoauque: For the chilled and hungry women, huge ground meat stuffed sopaipillas smothered in green chile over a layer of melted cheese (a sopaipilla is a Mexican popover). For HG, the usual chicken enchilada served Christmas style (red and green chile sauce) plus a cup of spicy menudo. Food designed to brush away the icy fingers of Jack Frost. Tonight’s menu will be French-Italian. Garlic soup enriched with beaten eggs, orzo and grated Romano cheese. Served in bowls over slices of garlic rubbed baguette toast. Beware, Dracula and Jack Frost !! The trio will drink much of the splendid red wine Judy has brought. Looking forward to after dinner brandy, a roaring fire and conversation with Judy. HG/BSK acknowledge that behind Judy’s agelessly beautiful face is a sharp and well stocked mind. She’s a retired Texas University professor, among other accomplishments. Hook ’em horns!!


Don’t Mess With Texas

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Before leaving Santa Fe for Montreal and Prince Edward Island, HG/BSK (plus visiting granddaughter Arianna R.) enjoyed a super sophisticated warm weather dinner at the downtown condo of David and Mary Jane H. The couple are born and bred Texans. In David’s younger years he quarterbacked the his high school football team to a state championship — quite a feat in that football mad state. It would seem that life would be an anti-climax after that triumph but Dave went on to Yale and a subsequent medical degree. Mary Jane went to Mt. Holyoke College and then practiced family law. Despite knowing of their distinguished education and professional achievements, HG anticipated a dinner of down home Texas vittles — namely barbecued beef and links. Couldn’t have been more wrong. Our aperitif on the patio was Can Feixes, a wonderful Spanish wine. Then came a superb gazpacho — a cool puree of golden and red tomatoes, olive oil, orange juice, cilantro, yellow bell peppers, cilantro, balsamic vinegar and white bread all blended to smooth perfection. Bowls came adorned with fans of sliced avocado. Main dish was Chicken Marbella (from the Silver Palate cookbook). The room temperature chicken had a middle eastern flavor enhanced by prunes, preserved lemon and olives. Delicious. Mary Jane accompanied it with an orzo salad made with zucchini, peppers, red onion, feta cheese, pine nuts and scallions. Dessert was a blackberry mousse flavored with cointreau and orange juice. Not exactly chuck wagon, down by the bunkhouse Texas cooking. Cliches about Texas and Texans were abandoned.


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