Merry Berry

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Yes, berries are ripe, ready and full of flavor on Prince Edward Island. HG/BSK and the Riva family are indulging. The field surrounding the HG/BSK residence is bursting with blueberries and raspberries have appeared on the bushes lining HG/BSK’s pathway to the beach. All just there for the picking. The nearby town of St. Peters is celebrating its annual Blueberry Festival and crowds are consuming blueberry pancakes while listening to Celtic fiddlers and guitarists. Grocers and roadside stands offer baskets of juicy strawberries. And, the cherry trees are loaded with wonderful sweet and sour product. BSK’s sister, Noel and husband Yossi, have purchased a house and barn near Panmure Island on PEI’s south shore. The property is simply bursting with berries. BSK, Gifted Daughter Lesley R. and Beauteous Granddaughter Sofia did some picking there yesterday (Noel and Yossi won’t be in residence until later this year). The trio came back laden with blueberries, black currants, red currants, raspberries and cherries. BSK made jars of rhubarb and berry compote (a treat over Greek yogurt or vanilla ice cream). Gifted Daughter Lesley R. made an extraordinary cherry clafouti. More treats are in the offing. Strawberry shortcake? Raspberries with a dusting of sugar and heavy sweet cream?


Bivalve Lunch

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In typical Prince Edward Island style (meaning NO pretense and barely a smidgen of irony), St. Peter’s Bay has a fine spot for lunch with the deeply appetizing name of the Mussel Interpretive Center. The center was originally operated by the Province government to showcase PEI’s Mussel economy but — surprise, surprise! — it lost a bunch of money. It is now run by a retired Mussel Man who, amongst the fascinating exhibits on the life cycle of mussels and the miraculous leaps in Mussel farming technology, operates a food stand.

HG dined there and was thrilled. Big platter of juicy, steamed hard shell clams (quahogs). Big platter of steamed, plump mussels. Melted butter. Lemon juice. Tabasco. Flaky biscuits. All for a total of ten bucks. Beat the heat and come to P.E.I. Enchanting, gentle and affordable.

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