Bye Bye Pee-E-Eye!

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Wisftul farewell to HG/BSK’s oceanfront paradise on Prince Edward Island’s Gulf of St. Lawrence. As always, it’s been a happy summer enlivened by the presence of Handsome Haru and visits (too short) from other family members. Lots of joyous dining as the winds pick up speed and the leaves begin to turn. Dinner of barbecued lamb and potatoes at Noel and Yossi M.’s Ocean Mist Farm. The delicious lamb was raised by them on an organic diet and received humane treatment. Everything on N. and Y.’s table (tomatoes, peppers, chutney, salsa and the apple crisp dessert) was raised by this remarkable couple. The festive event was echoed two days later by BSK with a meal of buttery mushroom toasts, penne a la amatriciana (from Mario Batali’s Roman recipe). The feast ended with apple pie and a choice of vanilla ice cream (with Sicilian pistachio paste) or maple walnut ice cream. HG/BSK took time off from closing the house chores (admittedly, 98% of the heavy lifting is done by BSK), to dine at two local St. Peters casual landmarks– Rick’s Fish & Chips and Lin’s Takeout. Rick’s steamed local blue mussels (served with a dip of butter,mussel juices and lemon) were sensational–big, plump, juicy, full of sea flavor. Thankfully, last summer’s mussel malaise has ended. Lin’s has the best French fries HG has ever tasted and the generous scallop sandwich is world class. Last PEI meal was at the pretty 21 Breakwater Restaurant in Souris. There are Portuguese touches on the menu (piri piri chicken, Portuguese fish and chips, etc). All tasty. Leave tomorrow for many days of motoring to HG/BSK’s New Mexico home. There will be full reports on HG/BSK’s culinary adventures on the road.



Festive Feast

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Big, flavorful festive family feast (nifty alliteration). Nephew and wife–Erik and Lisa M.–plus Nicole C., friend and fellow performer in their exciting equestrian show, “Gladius”, are visiting Prince Edward Island. Staying with Noel and Yossi M. (Parents of Erik and sister and brother-in-law of BSK) at their verdant Ocean Mist Farm. So, three generations of Freemans and Martinoviches got together for dinner at HG/BSK’s oceanfront home. Feast started with a salt cod brandade. BSK used Pierre Franey’s recipe from the New York Times food archive. Calls for numerous changes of water to remove excessive saltiness. Milk replaces cream as one of the ingredients (others are garlic,olive oil and potatoes). BSK dusted it with plentiful grated parmesan and a sprinkle of Aleppo pepper. Served it with an array of pickles and toasted baguette. Spectacular. Perfectly balanced. (Next morning had some fried with a poached egg on top. Wow!!). The main dish was not an anti-climax. Invented by Brilliant Daughter Lesley R., this was a lush surf and turf stew served over smashed potatoes mixed with chicken broth and scallions. The stew was composed of browned Cajun sausages (made locally by Taylor Meats), many pounds of mussels and fresh clams. The sauce utilized clam broth, tomatoes, onions, wine, loads of garlic and parsley. It was attacked with vigor. When HG examined the pots and serving bowls, HG noted that not a drop was left. Erik, Lisa and Nicole can make some major inroads on groceries. They are world class athletes based in Las Vegas. They do daring acrobatics and ballet atop galloping horses. Erik opens the “Gladius” show by standing atop a team of charging, giant horses. You must be powerfully muscled and strong to control these beasts. Erik makes Arnold Schwarznegger (when he his was in his body building prime) look like a frail lyric poet. Lisa and Nicole are strong and shapely women (Lisa’s tummy of rippling muscle is a wonder). HG/BSK felt a bit flabby and effete around this powerhouse crowd.


Happy Carnivores

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As you may have noted, HG/BSK eat very little meat when residing on Prince Edward Island. The emphasis is on fresh fish, oysters, clams, scallops plus a wide variety of farmer’s market fruits and vegetables (plus blueberries harvested from a field adjoining HG/BSK’s home). Thus, HG/BSK, Handsome Haru plus daughter and son-in-law, Lesley and Massimo R., were filled with carnivorous anticipation when invited for dinner at Noel and Yossi M.’s Ocean Mist Farm. Yossi promised a feast of barbecued lamb (the lamb raised by N & Y on an organic diet) plus a barbecued free range chicken from neighbor Amram’s farm (Like Yossi, an Israeli raised on a kibbutz). Feasting began with cold glasses of PEI white wine with Noel’s signature hummus spiked with some fiery Yemenite hot sauce. This was scooped up with Noel’s pita (gilded with olive oil and sprinkled with Zaatar, the Lebanese thyme-based spice mixture.) Noel’s pita is probably the best in North America. The lamb and chicken was marinated in olive oil and spices before going on the gas barbecue. Carefully tended by Yossi, they emerged deeply browned and juicy. Happy HG noted that the lamb had slices appealing to everyone’s palate: Well done, medium rare, rare (HG’s choice). Couscous; Noel’s spin on Tzatsiki (Greek yogurt salad); lettuce and tomato salad were served. Scotch Bonnet hot sauce on the table. Later, Amram (an attractive, engaging and erudite man) arrived to participate in the feast. Told us of his dedication to organic farming which demands much effort but contributes to both good taste and good health. Much red wine was drunk and the meal ended with Noel’s tart and tasty cherry cobbler. A night to remember with fondness.


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