Maple Syrup

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Maple syrup is HG’s favorite sweetener and HG uses it in a variety of ways. Breakfast is a bowl of organic corn flakes and milk enhanced with a splash of the syrup. Best dessert is Haagen Dasz vanilla bean ice cream gilded with maple goodness. HG often adds a bit of the maple to a snifter of bourbon for after dinner sipping. In civilized, inclusive, democratic Canada, chefs use maple syrup in a variety of dishes. An HG/BSK favorite is roast sablefish with a maple syrup glaze, a perfect blend of smokiness and sweetness. On Prince Edward Island where HG/BSK spend four months annually at the HG/BSK oceanfront home, local groceries offer a variety of Canadian maple syrups at very affordable prices. In New Mexico, HG/BSK buy their maple syrup at Trader Joe’s. Recently, TJ offered Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup. Great stuff, dark and robust as advertised. Items come and go at TJ so HG/BSK hope the addition of this syrup is a permanent fixture.


Maple Syrup

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One of the many blessings of summering on Prince Edward Island, Canada’s smallest province, is the availability of pure, modestly priced maple syrup. It’s wonderful stuff. Perfect over pancakes and French toast. A nice addition to a breakfast bowl of oatmeal, muesli or granola. Add some freshly picked Island blueberries or strawberries and you’ve made a big deposit in the bank of good health. Canadians use maple syrup in cooking. It enhances many pork and baked bean dishes. One of HG’s favorite dishes is served in some Vancouver, B.C. restaurants: Black cod glazed with maple syrup. HG’s usual dessert after BSK’s savory seafood dinners is ADL French Vanilla ice cream with a splash of the maple goodness. A favorite HG cocktail is the Caipirinha, the Brazilian drink composed of Cachaca (similar to rum and equally powerful), lime juice and sugar. HG enjoyed the drink at cafes bordering Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. (Surprisingly, had very good Caipirinhas at a cafe in the Trastavere neighborhood of Rome). As a tribute to the exciting Olympians, HG has been drinking a riff on the drink. Bacardi White Rum, lime juice, crushed ice and maple syrup. Here’s to you, swift, strong, graceful, skilled men and women of the 2016 Olympics!!

maple syrup in glass bottle on wooden table