Happy Ending

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Good news/bad news/euphoria/ecstasy day for HG. The good news is that HG (cross fingers and knock wood) seems to be at the end of his pneumonia bout. The bad news is that a typical old age pain had to be relieved by a very painful medical procedure. Luckily. HG has a group of doctors HG can rely upon for professionalism and sympathetic care. Nevertheless, HG had much trepidation. Procedure went swiftly and efficiently. Forty days of pain ended. Euphoria ensued. HG had always thought about old age as a serene time, a mellow conclusion. HG was wrong. One has to be brave and optimistic to endure all of the physical things that go wrong as one ages. HG is very fortunate to have only minor league ailments (and having a loving supportive family makes a very big difference). Euphoria segued into ecstasy as the day proceeded. BSK prepared BSK’s very special New Mexico Green Chile Stew. HG is in awe of BSK. As an artist (potter/painter), BSK seems to get into the very heart and essence of a region. BSK’s color field acrylics of Fire Island projected the sky, sand, foliage and sea of that magical place. BSK has done the same thing for Prince Edward Island. Here in New Mexico, BSK has been hand forming and firing crosses that evoke, in spectacular fashion, the passionate religiosity and the vernacular design forms of the state’s historic Hispanic population. BSK has captured (much to HG’s benefit) the lusty, fiery, flavorful cuisine of New Mexico in her Green Chile Stew. While it’s not for the timid, every ingredient sings. An evening of ecstasy. Big bowl of the stew topped with chopped sweet onion, pico de gallo and a dash of Mexican creme. Accompanied by beer (Non-alcoholic, alas. The alcohol ban ends in a few days). While HG reveled in the stew, HG watched the Alabama-Clemson national football championship game. Best college football game HG ever watched. Came away with the conclusion that Nick Saban of Alabama is a very smart and very lucky coach. Smarts, heart and luck. Tough combo to beat.


Pig Out

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New Mexico homecoming dinner with friends and neighbors: Karen K., Polly B. (and her visiting daughter from China, Jen); David F. New Mexico cuisine. BSK produced two sizable pork butts from the Pojoauque Super Market. These were scored with a paring knife and thin slivers of garlic were inserted in the slits; an SJ spice-rub followed (chile powder, cumin, smoked paprika, garlic powder, salt, pepper, brown sugar, mustard powder..and more) and finally the butts were roasted at a low temperature for more than 3 hours. Yes, autumn green chiles are roasting all over The Land of Enchantment and BSK picked up a few pounds at the Santa Fe Farmers Market. They were the basis (with onions, garlic, etc.) for BSK’s fiery green chile sauce. There are few things better than long roasted piggy doused with this killer sauce. Also on the kitchen buffet was a pot of Goya black beans (with accompanying chopped onions and sour cream); garlicky, sautéed Shishito peppers (now in season); sliced tomatoes and avocado; celeriac slaw (a non-mayonnaise BSK invention); big stack of warm tortillas. Vodka (Karen K.’s own pink infusion); red and white wine; ale and Guiness stout. Cookies and salted caramel ice cream for dessert. Brandy. A fun feast of local flavors.


Culinary Harmony In The BSK Kitchen

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BSK mixed five culinary cultures to create a comforting, harmonious meal for HG and BSK. It started with a three-egg omelette prepared in the classic French manner: Plenty of butter; gentle brown exterior and soft (the French describe it as “oozing”) interior. BSK filled this lovely creation with plenty of Greek feta cheese and a dusting of Mexican oregano. This was topped with a pork enhanced green chile sauce (spicy but not overpowering). BSK creates and freezes lots of this wonderful sauce every autumn. That’s when New Mexico green chiles are in season and the aroma of roasting chiles fills the Santa Fe air. Accompaniments were warmed corn tortillas (pita could have been substituted) and freshly made, fiery pico de gallo from the Pojoaque Super Market. Beverage was deep red Nero d’Avolo wine from Sicily. As a bow to the Orient, BSK and HG cooled their palates with a dessert of green tea ice cream. Ah, wouldn’t it be splendid if the world’s cultures could exist in the peaceful harmony they achieve in BSK’s kitchen?

Hearty Lunch at El Parasol

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HG has written before about HG’s favorite “go to” eatery in New Mexico– the delightful El Parasol. There are a number of El Parasols throughout New Mexico but HG’s hangout is the location on Highway 285/84 in Pojoaque (some 15 minutes north of Santa Fe). This one is under the gracious and efficient stewardship of Jose Atencio. Eat in or take out. You place your order at the cash register and it’s delivered to your table in a flash — with a smile. Place is clean, hospitable and friendly. A good time is guaranteed. Usually, HG has menudo (a tripe stew) with posole and green chile. Blows the socks off tripe in the style of Caen or any other tripe HG has had in Paris. Recently, however, HG ignored the menduo and ordered a roast pork and guacamole burrito smothered in green chile. This dish would win the World Wide Ultimate Burrito Olympics if
such a worthwhile event could be organized. Big, juicy hunks of roast pork. Green chile sauce that had a kick but didn’t numb HG’s mouth. Cold shredded iceberg lettuce and chopped tomato on the side for a nice texture contrast. A giant plate of heaven for only seven bucks.

The Great Denver Omelette.

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HG and BSK were stranded in Denver for a day by a big time snow storm before motoring to New Mexico. There’s always a silver lining. Bob Sweeney, HG and BSK’s gracious host took them to Pete’s Cafe & Steak (514 E. Colfax) for breakfast. Sweeney is a Colorado force for good. The Kenneth Kendal King Foundation, which he heads, supports numerous cultural and charitable organizations (including an innovative new muscular dystrophy center). And, the big guy knows his breakfast vittles. Pete’s Cafe has no connection with the excellent Pete’s Diner except for the fact that they are both located on gritty Colfax Avenue. HG has reported on both down-to-earth eateries. Pete’s Cafe is a very plain, totally unassuming place. The kind of joint you remember from your youth called “Eats” or “Mom’s.” The food is outstanding, Very generous (mammoth) portions served with a smile. HG and BSK had Denver omelettes. These were the real deal. Three egg omelettes folded over fried onions, peppers and chunks of ham. Nestled on top of lush potato and onion home fries. And, now for the best part. All smothered in an incomparable, spicy, hot (but not numbing) green chili sauce. Sorry, New Mexico. This is the green chili sauce for the gods. The gold standard. The perfect breakfast for a frigid, snow day in the Mile High City.

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